Series model DVH53(-M) : your performance tool

In 2050, there will be 10 million people on earth, that’s why today the question of resources is a huge concern. We all know that we already tap most of those resources close to their limit either social, ecological or economic resources. In this context, we have to adopt a long-term strategy to face tragic consequences that we are going to encounter if our way of behaving doesn’t change as the global warming shows.

One of the issue that had a resurgence of interest these last years is the energy consumption. Our society is more energy-consuming than ever and the matter of energy efficiency goes beyond household consumption, building trade and it extends to the industry.

Energy efficiency is strictly speaking the ratio between the produced energy that is useful and the total energy consumed to make it work. More generally speaking, it refers to all the pratices and technologies used to reduce the energy consumption and at the same time to keep an equal  final performance level up. On one hand, the energy efficiency enables you to consume less and stays as efficient as previously thanks to carefully thought out devices so you are able to make some savings. On the other hand, you will reduce your ecological imprint because the consumption of energy is responsible of 80% of green house gaz trigerring the global warning.

Lately, several norms, grants, directives have been implement to make sure the climate objectives will be achieved. In the European Union, the norm 20/20/20 aimed at reducing to 20% the primary energy consumption by 2020. In France, the conference called “Grenelle de l’Environnement” forecasts to reduce to 38% the energy consumption by the same time period as well as renovates old buildings. Finally, the thermal regulation RT2012 set a threshold of primary energy consumption of 50kWh/square meters per year for brand new buildings.

Our company SCE-Acean offers you the perfect solution in this context : the series model H53 including the DVH53, the MDVH53, the DDH53 and the MDDH53. This type of energy meter is able to record continuously the data of your electrical system so you will be able to visualize thanks to load curves your energy consumption. Load curves will appear as a graphical representation of your energy consumption evolution for a certain period (72 days at least). Those kind of meters measure and memorize all the data on regular time intervals, that can be later on download on computer thanks to our software ACEAN CONFIGURATION.


The H53 model is one of the most complete tool to monitor your system because it allows you to detect irregularities in your consumption. For example, if your consumption is too high during the night or during rest periods, you will now be capable of better managing this one. In addition, it is provided with an alarm system that can operate an energy-consuming device when the threshold previously defined is reached. It can appears through a signal or a relay.

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