ACEAN Configuration Software

Monitoring software of ACEAN three-phase meters. This software has a limited use only (a maximum of 5 meters and limited functionalities). For a complete use of the software and a higher number of meters, you need to buy a licence (Dongle).  


ACEAN Meters Reader

Reading software for single and three-phase Acean meters. This software requires to buy a licence (Dongle).

ACEAN M-Bus Configurator

Configuration software for Acean M-Bus meters. This software is free.

ACEAN Pulses Reader

Reading software of SO concentrator. This software is free.

Compositor SW67038 for ETHRS485-x

Configuration software of ETHRS485-A and ETHRS485-B gateways. This software is free.

Drivers for COM virtual ports.

Drivers use for USBRS485-A, USBRS485-B units and USB cable /RS485. Those drivers are free.


Redirection software for COM port. This software is free.



Quick Start


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