ACEAN Power Analyzer

The Acean Power Analyser (APA) is a voltage, current, power and energy recorder. It is easy to use and allows to analyze the data from the load profile in order to resolve electrical issues. It can also be used to determine the energy performance of an electrical installation. There is 2 models available :

  • PA-M : single-phase version
  • APA-T : three-phase version (usable in a single-phase, two-phase, three phase with or without neutral)


ACEAN Power Analyzer is an indispensable tool for your repairs and energetic diagnosis.
The Acean Power Analyzer allows you to record up to 11 parameters at the same time to watch both a single-phase electrical system or a three-phase electrical system. You can view those records on your computer and use the graphical representation to get an overall view of the electrical system (voltage, current, power, Cos Phi, etc). Thanks to this device, you will be able to define precisely what’s behind your electrical issues. Get ready to make your clients savings by visualizing their energy consumption in a time interval that can be up to 60 days. The APA is autonomous and record the data continuously. You can look at them later on for your diagnosis.

Applications :

  • Energy performance : Quantification of improvements related to the energy consumption of facilities to justify the use of energy-saving devices.
  • First-level repairs : Quick diagnosis of issues to get your installation in a perfect working order
  • Predictive maintenance : Detection and anticipation of quality problems of the electrical system to prevent downtime to happen
  • Long-term analysis : Detection of sporadic issues or hard to identify ones.
  • Load studies : Checking of an electrical system capacity before the addition of electrical loads

Allows you to record and view :

  • Apparent, reactive and active power
  • The voltage, the current
  • The phase difference (Cos Phi or power factor)
  • Apparent, reactive and active energy
  • The frequency

All of that with a point every 5 seconds during several days to several weeks.


Accessories sold separately

Current sensor 60A


Current sensor 75A


Current sensor 100A


Current sensor 125A


Current sensor 150A


Current sensor 200A


Current sensor 250A


Aluminium carrying case for APA


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