The company Acean located in Boulogne-sur-Mer develops and
produces DIN rail mouting energy meters that are made in France.
Acean is part of a business federation ( specialized in the development and the manufacturing of components, electronic sub-assemblies and the maintenance of electronic products.
The major shareholder founded the first company of the federation (SBE : Société Boulonnaise d’Electronique) in Boulogne-sur-Mer in 1987.
Ever since, its business activities has been diversifying and expanding to other countries (UK, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Canada).
The federation is recognized for its hardware & software technical expertise, as well as information processing and logistics.
Today, the federation is made of 30 companies with a workforce of 3500 people and generates a turnover of 240 million euros.


The activity of energy meters began in 2007 with the business resumption of the company Stepper Energie France and the production of single-phase and three-phase energy meters with a pulse output.
From 2012, a new energy meter line with the MID certification has been launched.
Those energy meters are also fitted with an integrated communication system through ModBus or M-Bus.
Most of all, the line is approved for energy billing in accordance with the MID European norm (2004/22/CE).
All of our meters are developed, made and tested in France and get an excellent price/quality ratio.
75 percent of our energy meters are used in German facilities in the construction industry, business manufacturing, administration and photovoltaics.


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